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He received his formal film education at Lingnam University,

Academy of Film, HKBU,, but he considers his years of experience

working with some of the best filmmakers, directors, and

production professionals in the world as his on-going film and artistic


Most of his colleagues will describe working with Jimmy as:

“ You can never go wrong with Jimmy Wong!”.

Jimmy Wong is a freelance Cinematographer from Hongkong,

now based in Vietnam but has travelled extensively everywhere in Asia

shooting TV commercials primarily, corporate and digital films. He has

compiled over a hundred spots in his years and years of professional

artistic journey..some of which where critically acclaimed and awarded

by respected award giving bodies in Asia such as the Hewlett Packard

Best tvc award in Hongkong (1990), PLDT TVC Best Cinematography

in the Philippines (1994) and most recently the Best Cinematographer

Award in the Short Film NING HAI Award International in Beijing,China (2013).

His reel includes Cars, Motorbikes, Food, Beverage, Beauty, Baby,

Kids, Personal Care, Telecom, Corporate Services etc.

Among his happy clients are International brands like Mitsubishi,

Toyota, Mazda, Nissan, Honda, Chevrolet, Yamaha, Nestle, P&G,

Unilever, Ajinomoto, Nissin just to mention a few.

With his years of international experiences , Jimmy got a good

knowledge not just on the professional side but also the cultural aspect

of working with film crews from everyconer of the globe .

Jimmy is well liked by all of his directors and filmmakers, not just

because of his happy and funny disposition in the set but most specially

because of his Artistic,technical savvy and profound mastery of the

craft. He is a small guy with a giant passion for artistic expression

through lighting and cinematography. He always says " i love painting

with light".

Editor & VFX Mogul

Huy Son join the industry in 2016, for the last 4 years, He has been a passionate video editor with the willing to learn and improve him self professionally. With  his  working exsperience with many agencies and clients in FMCG, Banking, F&B ,he appreciate those opportunities to bring his creative work to the world.